About Us

Hello FashionNyssas!

 Welcome to Nyssas Collection! We are a small online Women's Boutique with a passion to providing chic, comfortable, stretchy & trending clothing for the everyday Woman who wants to be covered but still sexy and on trend. If your a everyday woman who works a 9-5, maintain a household, dating, struggle sometimes with trying to balance time with your family and friends while trying to eat right and working out you are the everyday woman who we commonly refer to as a #FashionNyssa which is what our Brand relates to.🖤

My business have come a long way from its beginnings as Nyssas Beauty where I provided natural hair and skin care products. While on this journey of entrepreneurship I gained a lot of weight which casued me to become eager to look for clothing that would fit as I fluctuated in sizes while on my journey to lose weight. Sad to say, there were very few options! After stopping my skin care business to do research, get licenses and more Nyssas Collection is finally here!

I am so thrilled to turn my passion into a solution for many other Women like myself. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I enjoy researching and performing quality control before putting them for sale and offering them to you. Rest assured that while we may not have many products available at once, the products you will find is High Quality and tested by me or our Brand Ambassadors before hitting our website. Please shop confidently knowing you will have nothing short of a great Customer Service experience, Fast Shipping and great clothing.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me.