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Consistency Companion Bundle

Consistency Companion Bundle

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The ultimate ally for women striving for consistency in their weight loss or gain journey. Our fitness and nutrition journal in one!

Our nutrition Journal is rooted in the SMART goal approach, offers customizable calorie and macro targets, weekly and daily meal plans, detailed grocery list, and meal and snack inspirations while providing affirmations to keep you going on your journey. Our fitness Journal captures your progress with before and after pictures, measurements, and weigh ins. Plan your workouts with our weekly and daily planner and stay motivated with the notes section. No more juggling multiple apps or memberships, simplify your journey to success today. 

• Completely Digital & reusable

• Plan your goals using the SMART goal approach on the SMART Page.

• Plan & track our calories & macros on the Calorie & Macro Page.

• Convenient customizable cheat sheet for protein, fat, and carbs.

• Plan your meal plan weekly, daily & use the included grocery list page.

• Includes a notes section for reflection and accountability. 

• Track weight loss or gain progress with Before & After pictures and measurements.

1 page for each Month of the Year.

• Track Scale progress each week with Weight Loss Tracker Page.

• Plan workout plan for the week with the Weekly workout page.

• Keep track of your daily workouts, to do list, total steps, water intake, meal tracker & sleep schedule with the Daily workout page.

1 Page for each day of the Week

• Includes a notes section for motivation & reflections.

35 Pages

Streamline your fitness journey & organize how you track your progress & nutrition without the need for multiple apps or memberships by downloading your copy today.

Best used with GoodNotes app available for free through the Google or Apple Play Store.


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